Passenger Information: All passenger names and flight details within a single order will be consolidated into a unified reservation document. Should you require individual reservations for certain passengers, please place separate orders accordingly.

To ensure accurate information, match the name with the passport or travel document. Utilize the first name field for both first and middle names (e.g., <first name><space><middle name>), and if a passenger lacks a last name, use a special character (_ or -) in the last name field.

Destination: Specify the city and country or provide the specific airport name/code as the destination.

Dates: Be mindful that departure and arrival dates may differ due to time zones and flight schedules. If you have specific departure or arrival date preferences, please mention them in the special instructions field.

Keep in mind that booking systems may have limitations on reserving flights too far in the future. The latest possible flight reservation we can make is approximately 11 months (with some variation) from the booking date.

Visa Interview: Due to the limited validity of flight reservations, we recommend placing orders close to your submission date. If your visa interview or application submission date is distant, choose a future delivery date on the booking form.

For further insight into flight reservation validity, consult the relevant section.

Special Instructions: If you have specific requirements such as flight preferences, preferred arrival dates, transit restrictions, etc., kindly communicate them in the special instructions field.

For visual examples of sample reservations, refer to the two illustrations on our homepage. Double-check your email address for any typing errors before proceeding. If you have additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.